'Twas the night before Christmas when all across the earth,
Not a creature was crying from hunger or thirst.
Their tummies were full and the extra was shared.
With love, every person gave all they could spare.

The children felt safe as they walked into school,
No visions of gunfire or knife-wielding duels.
And mothers all smiling and dads in good cheer,
For they lived in a world without heartache and fear.

When up in the sky there arose such a sight,
That people were yelling in joyful delight...
A message of peace, a present of love,
Was hovering there in the clouds up above.

The moon, it had faded into a new day.
And the sun, it arose to show us the way.
No wars in a nation where children could die,
No silence in answers when asked to say why.

No condemning a person for what he believes.
Judge only from facts, not from what one perceives.
Let love and forgiveness be everyone's goal.
Now shout out the bad things you want purged from your soul:

"Out anger! Out, hatred! Out, envy and greed!
Out, violence! Out, doubt! Out hunger and need!
From the depths of my soul to the top of my heart!
Fly away! Fly away! Forever depart!"

As wise men and women can see very clear,
It's harder to hate and cause others fear
Than it is to just smile as a person walks by
With a shake of your hands and a nice cheerful "Hi!"

No regretting a comment you made in a huff.
Knowing your friendship is more than enough.
Seeing a future that's happy and bright.
Knowing our children will all be alright.

Living in peace with a land that is strong.
Sleeping at night with no threats to the dawn.
With a wish in your heart and a hope in your head,
You'll know soon enough you have nothing to dread.

But if you speak not a word as you hide in your work,
All problems will fester and forever they'll lurk.
So, open your airwaves, open your mind,
Welcome the new thoughts that you're bound to find.

Stand up and listen, shout out your wish.
Make it a daily chore you add to your list.
And exclaim in your heart 'ore you turn off the light,
"Peace to everyone out there and to all a safe night.

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